22"x16"x12" Chameleon Triple Condo

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This is a cage we designed with a Chameleon keeper we've been working with for over a year. This cage has all the same fully WELDED features as the rest of our caging in addition to:
-Acrylic Door Pulls now standard on this size...
-Aluminum NON-RUSTING screen top 
-Pictured in our "Black with White Sides and Back" color scheme!
-These cages fit (2) wide on a standard 48"x18" Metal Baker's Rack
-This cage comes standard with misting nozzle holes (plugged if nozzles aren't ordered)
-"6x9" Large screen top (per compartment) for maximum ventilation 
-(3) compartments measuring roughly 7.5" wide, 16" deep, 12" tall
-Includes our Rear 3" tall screen to draw air from the bottom of the cage and out the very large 6"x12.5" screen top! This is a fiberglass mesh to prevent fruit fly escapees (pictured with nozzles)
-Extra Large 6"x12.5" screen top for maximum ventilation will be INSTALLED with UPGRADED Triple Black Aluminum Insect mesh. This is much finer than our standard aluminum mesh and costs more to use during manufacturing.(PICTURED)
-(3) nozzle Misting Nozzle Package-will come installed, comment if you need "T" top fitting or "90" top fitting for your misting line to plug in to. We DO NOT USE Mist-King nozzles, however they are identical and interchangeable! 
*Great for all sorts of small-medium geckos, lizards, snakes, chameleon's and invertebrates!
3-8 Week Lead Time on Racks/Cages dependent on show schedule! Please DO NOT CONTACT us until your order is PAST 7 WEEKS! This cage carries a $15 oversize up-charge for triple core box/packaging/shipping purposes...