48"x23.5"x18" Tall Bearded Dragon, Large Snake PVC Cage

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Attention: if you’re not seeing proper pricing do to the item being out of stock, we cannot be held to that pricing. Standard base model has no lighting and no cord bung hole for cords. The price is $450.00

Bearded Dragon Cage 
-48" wide, 23.5" deep, 18" tall
-Double drop down doors 
-Each cage has:
(3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels on each side panel
(3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels on Left/Right side of the back panel
(3) 1/8" CNC ventilation channels in the Center of the rear panel
-Ideal build for Bearded dragons, chuckwallas, uromastyx, dragons, large constricting snakes, monitors...
*Cord Pass Through Add-On Available-2" bung allows easy pass-through of lighting/heating cords from the inside/outside of the cage. Recommended for use with lighting/rhp/etc.
*Led/T5 lighting EXTRA ADD-ON
-13mm Black PVC for durability, CNC machined cage/doors with 2 locks per door!
-These cages are BREAKDOWN and require ASSEMBLY by the purchaser. Very easy to assemble in 15-20min. The cages are stack-able up to 5 tall. Please inquire for additional information...
2-3 Week Lead Time on these cages as of 5/01/22