(30 bin) 6qt Shoebox Rack

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(30 bin) 6qt rack (47" tall, 23" wide, 13.5" deep)
-13mm" pvc sides/shelves/rear panel.
-There are slots for 3" rear heat tape to be added to the rear behind each column of bins
*The material we use is thicker than 1/2" pvc. It is also much more dense and rigid! We dado (make a groove/track) the sides and rear of the rack to "capture" the shelf panels. This design is MUCH stronger and less prone to "warp."
*Our rack designs are built with a very small "air" gap above the bin that is less than 1/16"...
-4-6 week lead time on racks please DO NOT CONTACT us about the states of your rack unless your order exceeds 5 weeks...
-tubs NOT included and are sold at The Container Store which ships all orders over $75 for free...We do NOT offer bins with our racks as it greatly increases shipping cost!
-no heat included but is an option in the drop down to be installed BY THE BUYER...