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We no longer BOX SHIP any 36" or wider cages via boxed shipping do to carrier issues with these sizes and volumetric restrictions do to box size. If you would like to purchase these sizes, we can freight them to you on a pallet...Cost varies per pallet size, height, weight. Please contact for more details...!
My suggestion for people that are far enough away: do everything in your power to buy most of your cages up front instead of a few here and there! Not only can you take advantage of the discount of buying 15 like cages 5%, 25 like sizes receives 10% discount, you will save tremendously on shipping!
We do not cover the cost of ANY damaged caging shipped, PERIOD! There are far too many issues along the way to be able to cover “handler error”....We pack all boxed shipments as I would expect them packed if they were being delivered to us! I have very good results box shipping 99% of the time with proper box sizes and high density foam corners we use, but I want to make it clear to any purchasers, shipping damages are NOT covered. All shipments have their own insurance that naturally comes with the cost of the shipping, however I’ve found it nearly impossible to reclaim any money from the shipping companies in the past...!!! Freight shipping damages are covered if the cages damaged were damaged do to:
-incorrectly securing to the pallet
-something breaks when the cages are strapped down
-We reserve the right to back bill any orders that are misquoted by the website. --Do to the way Shopify generates volumetric weights through the shipping carrier, its nearly impossible to get the pricing perfect every time. We will not back bill for small increments, however, any shipment that amounts to over $10 per order will be back billed before the associated products will be shipped. This is taken care of via PayPal payment. We do not know the total of shipping until the product/s are manufactured, packed and labels are printed. Freight Shipping will also be back billed in the same manner as boxed shipments.
*This is very rare, but if something happens that was due to “our” human error, 50% of the retail value of the cage will be credited towards another item we sell, so a $100 cage will receive $50 credit toward another cage/item...If the damage sustained is due to “Carrier Error”, it will not be covered by us and it will be up to the receiver to deal with the shipping company for a refund based on the amount covered by the insurance accompanied with the cost of your shipping total.
There are NO REFUNDS THAT ARE NOT ASSOCIATED TO DAMAGE! ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! These are custom built cages that take time to build/assemble/weld as these are all cnc machined and hand welded...Tax season always extends lead times sometimes listed on the website as do back to back shows...Under MOST CIRCUMSTANCES we are able to adhere to the 3-6 week lead time that we carry 75% of the year, although there are exceptions on our end, i.e. back to back shows, travel, or we receive 50 orders in a couple weeks will inevitably extend lead time. We do everything in our power to adhere to the lead time, however there are times when we have to extend lead time and in those times we assure you that we are working effortlessly to finish your personal orders and ship them to you as soon as possible.
Show Deliveries
Any custom show delivery cage will carry a 10% delivery charge for the the space it consumes in the trailer. This is a far cheaper option than paying for shipping. A $300 cage would carry a $30 fee prior to delivery to the customer. If the cage is part of our standard baker rack series and is part of our show cage lineup, there will be zero charge for delivery i.e. 11"/15"/22"/33"/45" width caging in solid black, or black and white. Custom colors will be subject to the fee.
Properties of Closed Cell PVC-Benefits/Negatives
There are inherit properties to closed cell pvc products....These properties in no way hinder the performance of the products produced with cpvc...These properties are not limited to:
-strong insulator do to its closed cell construction
- Closed cell pvc has a UL-94 flame rating, making it very fire retardant! 
-low absorption values (water/liquids,etc)
-ideal plastic for outdoor applications that require weather resistance do to its insulative, low absorption values, and anti-mold properties!
-Closed cell pvc is an extremely  lightweight (1/4 weight of equal size glass) and rigid plastic that is  one of the most versatile types of plastic on the market exhibiting features that make it ideal for reptile/animal habitats/housing/caging...

-Unlike many other forms of plastic, expanded PVC has a superior strength to weight ratio and also free of lead cadmium, zinc, and passes all UL 1975 requirements, making it a safe material to work with and to fabricate.
-color differences among different panels is always possible and will not affect the quality or performance of the product.
-scuffs, scratches and other visual imperfections are inherit and will not affect the quality or performance of the product. Usually very subtle but always a possibility...

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